12 November 2008

Merry Christmas from JFK

Did John F. Kennedy ever visit Hillsborough? We know he made many campaign appearances throughout New Jersey during his 1960 campaign for the presidency, but unlike Horace Greeley - who gave a stump speech at Woods Tavern in 1872 - none of Kennedy's stops included Hillsborough.

How about as a young man? Kennedy attended Princeton as a freshman in 1935, before transferring to Harvard the next year. It is entirely possible that he may have taken a drive "out to the countryside" during that Fall semester to enjoy Hillsborough's scenic beauty.

Here is a Christmas Card that Kennedy and his two Princeton roommates sent to friends in December 1935.

If you are interested in John F. Kennedy's presidency, and especially his assassination, you may want to check out Six Days in November: The Plots to Kill Kennedy, an informative talk to be presented by Paul Ritz at the Hillsborough Public Library on Saturday, November 22.

More information can be found here.

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