20 April 2011

Drama in the 16th, Part 2

The cancellation this week of All My Children may have saddened some Central Jersey fans of the long running ABC soap, but there's still plenty of drama right here in Somerset County courtesy of the recent legislative redistricting.

Here's a recap of recent episodes.

[continued from part 1]

Episode Two: Nearly Homeless - New Jersey's 120 legislators found out just days before the April 11, 2011 primary election filing deadline what their new districts would look like.  By law, Assemblymen and State Senators must reside in the districts they represent in Trenton - and with boundaries about to shift, odds were that at least a few local politicians would be left out in the cold; divorced from their district, foiled by the map!

Such was the case with 16th District Assemblywoman Denise Coyle who makes her home in Bernards, one of the towns in the Somerset Hills pared away from the district.  If she planned to run for reelection in November, she had just days to find somewhere else to live.  Indeed, all of the newspapers reported on April 12 that Ms. Coyle had decided to move to Princeton, now included in the 16th district.

I never believed she would do it.  As soon as I saw the new legislative map, I knew she would have a difficult choice to make, but from what I knew about Assemblywoman Coyle, I was convinced that she was not going to get some phoney baloney Princeton address.  If she was going to move, it would be for real.

A few days later, Ms. Coyle announced that she would nor be moving, and that she was withdrawing from the GOP primary.

To Be Continued...

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