25 April 2011

Drama in the 16th, Part 3

The cancellation this month of All My Children may have saddened some Central Jersey fans of the long running ABC soap, but there's still plenty of drama right here in Somerset County courtesy of the recent legislative redistricting.

Here's a recap of recent episodes.

[continued from part 2]

Episode Three: Write Him In - Assemblywomen Denise Coyle's abrupt withdrawal from the 16th district assembly race after primary ballots were already set posed two problems for Somerset County republicans. Finding a new candidate was easy - dealing with the fact that his or her name would have to be "written-in" in the voting booth might prove to be more difficult.

Current Somerset County Freeholder Jack Ciattarelli was a good choice to replace Denise Coyle. A lifelong Somerset County resident (Raritan and Hillsborough), Ciattarelli is a fiscal conservative with proven success at the county level.

Like a lot of Hillsborough residents, I consider myself to be on a "first-name-basis" with Jack. Thank goodness - because I don't believe I have ever spelled his name correctly. Close your eyes and try it with me: C - I - A - T - T? - E? - nope, that's not it.

Look, I would think that when you write in Jack's last name on June 7, anything close will be acceptable - but you never know. According to a recent campaign mailer, Jack will be providing step-by-step instructions to registered republicans some time in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, let's try again: C - I - A - T - T - A - R - E - L - L - I.

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