02 December 2009

Triangle Road Turkey Trot

A century ago, when Diamond Jim Brady had one of his homes right here in South Branch, he liked to invite friends "down to the farm" for a weekend in "the country". More than 100 years later, Hillsborough, in many ways, is still "the country" - especially when it comes to wildlife.

What has changed in the past several decades is the amount of automobile traffic on our roads. In an effort to keep our wild and domestic animals and our wild and domestic drivers apart, there are road signs placed in the areas where animals regularly cross or come near roadways.

We have deer crossing signs, and cow crossing signs, and geese crossing signs. Maybe we need one of these, too.

Just a few days before Thanksgiving, I spotted this turkey on the north side of Triangle Road.

I wasn't sure which way he was headed - and I'm not sure he was either - until he decided to make a run for it.
With barely a pause to look both ways, he was across the westbound lanes and on the median.

Narrowly avoiding one car, he made it safely to the other side.

Why did the turkey cross the road? I'm not sure, but I think it had something to do with that Chicken Holiday van!

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  1. Greg, you must have your camera in your car at all times...good idea. One morning last year, I was on my way to work. While driving past Wood Road School I happened to see a deer and 2 of her young behind her waiting patiently at the crosswalk for me to pass. Then they proceeded to cross when the street was clear. I must give kudos to the Hillsborough PD or whatever agency that held a crossing the street safety class for deer as it seemed to have worked for some. Wish I had my camera that day.