07 January 2010

....everybody has one

What is truth? There is little in the world that is universally self-evident. Almost everything is open to debate. Even two groups looking at the same set of established facts can come to different conclusions about what those facts represent. That's why we have nine members of the Supreme Court - and, more to the point, why at the end of a case they "render an opinion".

I would hope that everyone who reads this blog understands that, while I present many facts, the commentary I write along with them is only my opinion. When I make a factual mistake, I am glad to correct it. I invite readers to point out mistakes, and to tell me that I'm crazy to have a certain opinion.

I also invite readers to give me their opinions, understanding full well that our views may differ. You will never be bludgeoned on this blog for letting my readers know how you feel.

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