29 December 2010

All the Old News That Didn't Fit

The end of the year is almost here - and I still have so much more to write.

Here are some of the stories I just couldn't find time for in 2010.

  • The murder of eleven-year-old Josephine Krysowaty
  • Forty years of Hillsborough Twp. High School Football
  • Somerset County's "Amazing Race"
  • The history of Woods Tavern
  • Hillsborough's most famous, and outspoken, freed slave
  • Elmer Clawson, boy murderer
  • The tragic murder of Bell executive Andrew J. Morton
  • The railroad that put "Hillsboro" on the map

As is usually the case, the only thing separating a job well done from a piece of garbage, is having the time to do the job right.

The beginning of a new year offers nothing if not time.

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