22 June 2009

Enough To Make You Sick

I can't take it anymore. I have to weigh in on the Health Care debate.

What is coming out of D.C is enough to make you sick. Proposals that will turn the nation with the BEST health care in the world for the vast majority of its citizens into a nation of poor health care for everyone are coming fast and furious.

What is wrong with the health care we have now? Simple answer - some people fall through the cracks. They aren't old enough for Medicare, not poor enough for Medicaid, or have lost the job that used to provide their coverage.

Simple solution. Since Medicare, for all of its faults, still seems to work, why not just extend Medicare to YOUNGER PEOPLE. Let's go all the way down to 55. Let's do it over a period of five to ten years. If you can make it to 55, you're set. Younger than 55, make sure that you or your spouse has a job that covers you. Over 55 - Hey! Your employer is now off the hook for that huge expense. Under 18? Let the states figure that out - most have programs for children.

That's it. My solution. Oh, by the way, every other "cost savings" that President Obama has spoken about - computerization of medical records and the like - can work under my plan also. And we won't need to bankrupt our country first, or kill a lot of citizens with crummy nationalized medicine first.


  1. greg, how about the expense? health care is wickedly expensive. i have a good job and i have good healthcare, BUT what i pay is a crime. and you know what each year it goes up in cost and the level of service goes down. and now employers penalize families with two working adults by charging them extra if adult #2 doesnt use their own employers benefits?

    ive never worked for the govt, only heard of the sotried "govt benefits". why not a proposal to make those benefits available as an affordable cost *option* to everyone? why must i have to work full time to be able to afford to go to the doctor?

    im not suggesting whats been proposed is a silver bullet; but the system is WAY broken. even for those with access to and who can afford the health care they have.

  2. Younger than 55, make sure that you or your spouse has a job that covers you. = ignorant statement

  3. Kris - I appreciate your comment. I don't understand what you find to be ignorant about my statement. As health care stamds right now, the statement would read "Younger then 65,make sure that you or your spouse has a job that covers you." Almsost impossible to do with so many employees aged 50 and over being laid off.

    The alternative to a simple plan such as I have outlined is to completely gut health care as we know it - at an exorbitant cost beyond comprehension - to be replaced by a system with poor customer service and even worse medical care.