08 June 2009

$115,000 Saved

Have you noticed the signs taped to the doors at the municipal complex? The ones that read, "Thursday's meeting of the Hillsborough Planning Board has been canceled"?

The economic downturn has led to a severe decrease in the amount of construction in the township, and in the number of building applications - and in everything else that goes with that, including inspections.

Hillsborough has found a way to save money in that department by combining the responsibilities of two state-mandated positions - the Fire Subcode Official and the Building Subcode Official. The new position will be ably filled by Jack Daniels - the current Fire Subcode Official - at a modest salary increase of just $5000. Not replacing the current Building Subcode Official, who recently retired, will save Hillsborough $115,000 in salary and benefits.

And what if construction REALLY dries up?

Bound Brook combines four state-mandated positions - Construction Official / Building Subcode Official / Electrical Subcode Official / Fire Subcode Official - leaving only the Plumbing Subcode Official in a separate paid position.

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