26 July 2009

Bagels for Thirty!

What do you do for breakfast Sunday morning when you've just had thirty hungry kids at your house for a sleepover Saturday night? For the bleary-eyed Hillsborough mom I met while standing on line at Bagel B.O.P. this morning the answer was simple. "I have no idea what they want for breakfast", she told me, "but I know everyone likes bagels."

True enough. And if you include yourself in "everyone", it's probably because you've eaten some really tasty bagels in your lifetime. That's where Hillsborough's Bagel B.O.P. comes in. Located at 450 Amwell Rd., Bagel B.O.P. (Baked on Premises), was our town's first made-from-scratch bagel shop and has been a Hillsborough tradition for twenty years.

On her website, shop owner Roseanna DiMarzio explains what makes Bagel B.O.P. bagels the best. It starts with fresh ingredients - flour, water, yeast, sugar, salt. Bagels are formed and proofed overnight and cooked early the next morning, first in boiling water then in the oven. Each bagel comes out hot, moist and fluffy. You can't get that by trucking them in from a bagel factory.

I've been a huge fan of Bagel B.O.P. for fifteen years. Not only because of their great bagels, homemade cream cheeses, and the rest of their delicious menu items, but also because of their involvement and support of community events and organizations such as the Hillsborough Education Foundation and the Raiders athletic teams. They also support charitable causes such as the Autism Speaks puzzle piece campaign.
It's not just that everyone loves bagels, it's that everyone loves a GREAT bagel. Whether you are getting breakfast for a family of four, or a posse of thirty, there's one place to go in Hillsborough for a great bagel that's Baked On Premises - Bagel B.O.P.

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