22 July 2009

Keep Those Ads Coming

Have you seen the latest campaign ad featuring Chris Christie? It shows the Republican gubernatorial hopeful appearing at a congressional hearing where he was asked to speak about a handful of appointments he made while he was U.S. Attorney.

I did a double take at the end of the ad when I noticed that it was paid for by Jon Corzine! The ad shows Christie standing up and leaving the room rather than sitting there and listening to a politically motivated assault on his character. Surely this ad must have been paid for by the Christie campaign - what could Corzine possibly hope to prove by questioning Christie's appointment of Attorney General John Ashcroft's legal and consulting firm as a monitor in the Zimmer Holdings case? That Ashcroft used to be Christie's boss?

O.K. I'm certain Ashcroft and Christie have a cordial relationship. I am also certain it is NOTHING like the relationship between Corzine's predecessor and one Golan Cipel! Or how about Corzine and Carla Katz?

Keep those ads coming Mr. Corzine - each one costs you about 2 points in the polls!

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