09 November 2009

Mayor "Corky"

I was saddened to hear of the passing of former Hillsborough Township mayor John Guerrera. Saddened for his family and friends who have lost their loved one, and saddened for the residents of Somerset County who have lost one of their most dedicated public servants.

I am also saddened for myself because of the fact that I never had the opportunity to meet and speak with this fascinating man - a man who served in the Navy in World War II, practically started the Hillsborough Democratic Organization, served three terms on the township committee with three stints as mayor, ran for a state senate seat in 1981 (giving Dems their best showing that decade), and served on the Somerset County Tax Board.

I am certain I could have learned a lot from a man who accomplished all of this and still had time to be an avid golfer, run his own business, and have a Twitter account!

Take a look at the handsome young man in the bottom left corner of the 1943 Somerville High School Yearbook.

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