07 June 2010

GoHillsborough (dot blogspot dot com)

Today's post marks the third anniversary of Gillette on Hillsborough.

Over the past three years the blog has received about 25,000 visits, and almost 40,000 page views.  Not bad for a blog that has never mentioned Miley Cyrus, Gossip Girl, or any of the Kardashians!

The vast majority of readers still arrive at the blog through a search engine, which is just fine.

Many find their way here through links on other sites, or have this blog bookmarked on their computers.

I am contemplating changing the web address of the blog from cnhillsborough.blogspot.com - a reference to the Courier News - to gohillsborough.blogspot.com - which can stand for Gillette on Hillsborough, or just "Go Hillsborough!".  There really is no good reason to keep the vestigial reference to the Courier News affixed firmly to the front of the web site.

I only hope readers will still be able to find the blog after the switch, as Blogger offers no good way to automatically redirect to the correct site.

Anyway, stay tuned for a switch around July 1, 2010.

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