16 August 2010

"...sleeping late...and...good living..." at Country Club Homes

Barbecues, fishing - sounds good.  But what really intrigues me about this September 1956 sales pitch for Hillsborough's Country Club Homes is the promise of "sleeping late".  Fifty-four years later, who among us wouldn't pony up $13,990 for a couple of extra hours in the morning?  

Why were the 1956 Country Clubbers able to sleep so late?  Well, you have to read the small print for the answer.  According to the ad, our forebears only had a 3-minute ride to the train station!  And Manhattan was just 45 minutes away!

The above ad features two models - the Lanai, and the curiously named Foursome.  I'm hoping this model was supposed to have a golf connection - otherwise, I'd be inclined to wonder what the Threesome model looked like!

Need something a little smaller - or just looking to save $500?  This ad from 1957 features the charming "Nantucket Cape".

The last time I was in the Country Club Homes development, I believe I spotted a few of these "Capes" in pretty near original condition.  Not bad, not bad at all.

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  1. In the 1950s we lived in a Cape Cod (in another county) built in the late 1940s. Going back to visit, it is amazing to think that our post-WWII boomer family of 4 children and 2 adults lived in that Cape!

    But we were higher-end...the previous owner had installed a half-bathroom on the second floor.

    I've been in a Country Club Homes Lanai Ranch model and it is pretty much the same as 1956. What is more amazing to me is the good size of most of the lots in Country Club.

    Also, when you get into the development it hardly seems as close to Route 206 as it actually is.