11 August 2018

The South Gate, Then and Now

Today, pedestrians and bicyclists enter the park area of Duke Farms - the Hillsborough, NJ estate of tobacco tycoon James B. Duke - by way of the South Gate across Duke's Parkway from the Farm Barn Orientation Center.

The South Gate at Duke's Park, postcard circa 1905

Before 1915 automobiles were permitted also, and access was liberally granted at all of the private roads through the property. In 1910 Duke decided to limit access to Tuesdays and Fridays, and he installed iron gates across all of the entrances.

31 May 1910 Home News

After a large group of autoists from Pennsylvania drove over the lawns and tore up the grounds in 1915, access was further limited to just one day per month.

The South Gate at Duke Farms, 2017
When Duke Farms reopened general access to the grounds in 2012 they went to a six-day a week schedule, Thursday through Tuesday. Today [2021] the grounds are open Monday through Friday.

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