28 August 2008

I Can't See It

Hillsborough Township is once again revising its sign ordinance. Businesses will now be able to put up temporary signs twice a year. This is a definite improvement over the previous rules, where temporary signs could only be used during the period when a permanent sign was being constructed. Temporary signs can help to advertise seasonal sales, and the like.

Who is driving these changes? It is Hillsborough's business owners. And in changing the sign ordinance multiple times, the Hillsborough Township Committee has shown that they are being responsive to the needs of the business community.

The questions I still find myself asking are:

  1. Are Hillsborough businesses relying too heavily on road signs and drive-by traffic?
  2. Are our attempts to speed traffic more quickly on Route 206 hurting businesses?
  3. How will drivers on the Route 206 bypass see ANY of the signs, no matter how big they are?

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