25 August 2008

Memorial Run

Running is the purest sport. It requires no special skills or equipment. There is nothing to throw, catch, kick or hit - no other person to face off against, no teammate to pick you up. There is no luck involved, no friendly rim to corral an errant free throw, no fortuitous bounce from the cart path to the fairway. All that is required is dedication, determination, and will.

It is safe to say that the 400 friends and fellow athletes who gathered at the Hillsborough Township High School football field on Sunday to honor track star Jason Walton with a memorial 6.8 mile run already know this. And they know something else. Running is meditative, contemplative, and spiritual. A 6.8 mile run is a moment of silence that lasts 40 minutes, and still isn't enough time to reflect on the life and achievements of this fine young man.

That would take a marathon - or two.

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