18 August 2008

Charge It!

Hillsborough is ready to get back into the credit card business, signing a deal this week with Affinity Credit Union. Affinity will allow interested residents to sign up for a credit card where a small fraction of the interchange rate will go back to the township to use for youth and senior programs.

I'm not sure what an "interchange rate" is, but it can't be very big. And 30% of it - Hillsborough's cut - will be even smaller. Still, it is a legitimate source of revenue, and the programs that received this money when we had a credit card program from 2001 - 2005 will surely be happy to receive it again.

And it goes without saying that this is a much friendlier way to raise a little money compared to the schemes devised by some New Jersey towns, namely speed traps and ticket blitzes.

Will I get a card for myself? Frankly, I don't think my wallet could handle another piece of plastic. But I'm giving the credit card program "two swipes up" nonetheless!

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