17 May 2009

Still Looking

On March 31, I posted a picture of an historic Hillsborough home with the questions, "where is it, where was it?"

Abraham Dubois House - 18th Century - Hillsborough, NJ

The answer to the first question is easy - the house is no longer standing. The second question is more difficult - but before I get into that question, I am hoping someone will recognize the building and let me know where it stood. I don't want to let discussion of its location prejudice anyone's memory.

Here's one more fact - it was one of the most historically significant houses in Hillsborough when this photograph was taken. In fact, this photo was part of a depression-era Works Progress Administration survey of historic structures. It was the only residence in Hillsborough included in the survey!


  1. The exact name of the home eludes me at the moment, but I believe it was dated around 1840 and stands smack in the middle of the current Hillsborough Promenade. Could it be the Wycoff House? Guilick?

  2. Hi Val. Thanks for looking in here. And leaving a comment! Unfortunately, you are way off with the house. It's not your fault - you and I are both newbies - I believe this house was gone before either of us came to Hillsborough.

    Ursula Brucknell wrote about the house in her book' "Hillsborough - An Architectural History", but she could not find a photo.

    This house was definitely SOUTH of Amwell Road. How FAR south is the question.

    Oh, and for the name of the house, just roll your mouse over the photo in my blog!

  3. Hi, Did you ever have another post about this house, the Abraham Dubois house? Do you know where it stood? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sarah - I am not sure if I ever followed up about the Abraham Dubois House. It was at the end of Eisler Lane, keep going, cross the creek, and it was on the left. That's according to the small map accompanying the Historic american Buildings survey conducted in the 1930s.