13 May 2009

Keep Out the Filth

Hillsborough Township officials were right on this week with an entreaty and a proposal to keep the filth out of Hillsborough.

Following the NJ Supreme Court ruling May 7 forbidding municipalities from enforcing buffer-zone laws designed to keep convicted sex predators from residing near schools and playgrounds, Mayor Frank DelCore called on the state to enact legislation either allowing town-established buffer-zones, or mandating state-established zones.

In a uniquely related story, the township committee introduced an ordinance designed to keep contaminated soil out of Hillsborough. As reported in the Courier News, any large quantity of soil brought into the township will require registration with the engineering department and be subjected to testing if the source of the soil is unknown. This is an important measure considering Hillsborough's recently revised zoning ordinances allowing outside storage of materials at businesses in the vicinity of Roycefield Road and other locations.

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