25 May 2009

Who Will Knock Out Corzine?

There comes a time when pragmatism has to knock idealism on the head. And knock it right out. Next week's gubernatorial primary may be one of those times.

Steve Lonegan seems to be ALL idealism. I get it. He has done a great job communicating who he is, and I am sure he appeals to a lot of New Jersey voters. He is a pro-life, anti-environment, anti-immigrant crusader, and he is an extremist. In extreme times this kind of candidate can seem like an appealing choice. But Lonegan's not an appealing choice, he's a desperate choice - and these are not desperate times. Not yet!

Chris Christie on the other hand seems to be mostly about pragmatism. He has communicated conservative values in a practical context. Christie has the same pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-family values as Lonegan, but Christie lets those values inform his other positions, not lead them. He has put forth a plan that ties together urban revitalization, elimination of COAH, and protection of the environment, while bringing business back to New Jersey.

And most importantly, for all of the pragmatists reading this, Christie will beat Jon Corzine in November.

In fact, he will knock him right out!

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