05 February 2010

Gut COAH, Then What?

A year ago this week, campaigner Chris Christie made his well-remembered pledge to "gut COAH". Now columnists and bloggers and pundits are calling on Governor Christie to follow through with his promise - even suggesting he simply stop paying the Council on Affordable Housing staffers, just let everyone go home.

I don't think that's what he is going to do, because I don't believe he has a problem with "affordable housing", or with the idea that our municipalities should be "inclusionary", not exclusionary.

Yet still, he looks at a town like Hillsborough with its wide variety of housing ranging from tiny one bedroom rental apartments to the latest "McMansions", and wonders why a town as inclusionary as ours should have to bear the burden of more phoney-baloney affordable units than anyone could possibly want or need.

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