02 February 2010

Why Should Phil Have All the Fun?

Starting today, let's wipe Punxsutawney right off the weather map. Two years ago I suggested Hillsborough should have its own groundhog, and I am making that suggestion again. If Staten Island can have one (Chuck), and Milltown can have one (Mel), then there is no reason our town can't have a pint-sized prognosticator to call our own.

All we need is a melodious moniker, and a Mayor with the fortitude to go nose-to-nose with the furry garden pest - not to mention the courage to wear the top hat!

Let's hear your ideas for Hillsborough groundhog names - and what you think a Groundhog Day ceremony in Hillsborough should look like.

Take a look at today's celebration in Pennsylvania to get some ideas.

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