28 April 2010

Auto Inspections Should Be Junked

Governor Christie is finally turning his attention to New Jersey's wasteful and odious auto inspection system.  In a move that could save taxpayers $12 million, transportation officials are proposing an elimination of bi-annual mechanical inspections.  Federally mandated emissions inspections would still be required, but with failure rates for the mechanical portion of the inspection at just 6%, it makes sense to send that part of the test to the scrap heap.

I first wrote about junking inspections after I heard Flemington resident Phil Greiner make the suggestion at the Somerset County Business Partnership Affordability Forum six moths ago.  I also suggested a major change to New Jersey driver's license renewals.  A $24 four year license is probably the best bargain in New Jersey - perhaps too good.  How about a ten year license somewhere in the $75 range?  This would work out to be $1.50 more per year, but would be well worth it to the New Jersey driver who will only need to renew five or six times during his entire driving life.  Think of how much less crowded the MVC will be when drivers only have to come in once a decade!  Think of how much the state will save on staffing those offices.

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