27 December 2007


The New Jersey Department of Transportation is set to codify regulations that allow 102 inch wide tandem tractor trailers to use Route 206 through the Princetons, Montgomery, and Hillsborough. This is exactly the opposite of what Hillsborough Township was expecting - especially since the state DOT classified Route 206 as a "safe corridor zone" in 2002. That designation called the highway a "congested and hazardous traffic area" in need of improvement.

The Big Rigs have never been officially banned from Route 206 - truckers have apparently been using their common sense and staying off the road anyway. What this new regulation does is advertise 206 as an acceptable truck route. Drivers who have not been using the highway may be fooled into thinking that some improvement has been made, or some new safety study has been conducted. Unfortunately, they will find the same road that existed in 2002 - just as congested and hazardous as before.

The new truck access rules will be released on January 22. That gives us less than 4 weeks to protest this absurd plan. All we need are about a dozen tandem tractor-trailers and drivers. We can line them up by Mountainview Road, and head south. A real Convoy! Through Montgomery, Princeton Township, Princeton Boro, Lawrenceville, and right down Broad Street in Trenton. Then it's just a right turn onto State Street - and pull up right across the street from the State House!

Let's see how many legislators like these trucks rumbling down their "main street"!

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  1. Professional drivers are asking American Citizens to participate with us in the "National Shut-Down"

    This is an issue effecting all of us and we MUST take a stand NOW. Our government IS a major contributing factor in the outrageous price of fuel, and the struggle American citizens are experiencing making ends meet. We must take this action to get their attention. All other avenues has only fallen on deaf ears - our government is ignoring the will, and needs, of the American people.

    In The Last Year
    (63,000 Jobs Lost)
    (2 Million American Citizens Lose Their Homes)
    (28 Million American Citizens Projected To Be On Food Stamp Programs)

    Our government officials are eating good dinners, are living in beautiful homes, are driving brand new vehicles and are collecting large salaries...on the American Citizen's dollar. It's time to take our country back.