24 December 2007

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I'll admit it - I still read the Hillsborough Forum over at NJ.com. And, although I haven't participated in any discussions there recently, I still find it to be fascinating, and sometimes frustrating, reading. It is especially frustrating when people post completely incorrect information about our school district and Board of Education. I hope NJ.com readers know not to trust everything they read on that site!

One recent interesting discussion has expanded to cover many topics of interest to Hillsborough residents: the role of government, open space, property taxes, free speech, farming.

I have been thinking about these topics also - and I am sure I will cover all of them in the upcoming year.

For those of you that have put in requests, I have been researching the Duke Estate and hope to start posting on that topic soon. Until then, let me know which other topics are of greatest interest to you.

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