31 December 2007

What Happened?

December 31. All of the newspapers have their best and worst of the year stories, top ten lists, most noteworthy and newsworthy, etc., etc. The big end-of year wrap-ups! "The Fewest Homicides Since 1992!". "The Least Rainfall Ever".

Since I don't write about everything that happens in Hillsborough, this blog is already composed of what I felt were the biggest or most interesting stories of the year.

Maybe you are of a different opinion. What did I miss? Here's your chance to make your own Top Ten Hillsborough Events of 2007 - The Good, The Bad, and you know the rest.

Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

See you next year!

1 comment:

  1. Here’s a beginning

    1) Named the 23rd best small town to live in America by Money magazine.

    2) Once again the voters of the town were given a wonderful education into the different forms of government the township can operate under and overwhelmingly voted to continue under our extremely efficient form of Township Committee government, despite very heavy lobbing efforts by three of the CSC commissioners and a Political Action Group know as HCfVC!

    3) Silent railroad crossings at absolutely no cost to residents.

    4) A soon to be built much needed EMS building and a new ambulance, all at no cost to taxpayers

    5) Much needed sanitary sewers being installed in many locations in the township.

    6) Firehouses and EMS buildings being equipped with emergency generators at no cost to taxpayers.

    7) A multi purpose field and walking trails will be built near the promenade, again at no cost to taxpayers.

    8) We received a $109,080 Federal Homeland Security Grant to purchase new communications equipment for our EMS

    9) We took ownership of 438 acres of the GSA property and are now in charge of our own destiny there. Also, the Federal government has pledged $17.5 Million to clean the site.

    10) Twelve permanently disabled due to war time service veterans living in this township were given a well deserved permanent property tax exemption.

    Well I’m at 10 already and I’m not even a quarter of the way done. Maybe you need to make it a top 50 list Greg. Happy New Year!