31 December 2008

Economic Slowdown

I am writing this on December 31, 2008. Not physically writing, just working it out in my head. It is 6:30 p.m. and I am standing on the checkout line at Kohl's.

I have plenty of time.

The Kohl's checkout is the most maddening of all queues. The reason being that the whole cashier setup has such promise. It really should be a breeze - pay and go - with two complete checkout areas, each employing five cashiers. There's no reason this experience shouldn't be the equivalent of the old barbershop "two chairs, no waiting".

It's not that I expect supermarket swiftness. But when the line snakes all the way back to the men's footwear, I would appreciate a little urgency - on the part of the customers as well as the clerks.

On this new year's eve I can't help but think it took Dick Clark less time to recover from his stroke than it will take me to get to the front of this line.

Is it 2009 yet?

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