03 December 2008

Made My Day!

At the risk of having to spend the next ten years driving 35 miles per hour between Hillsborough and Princeton, I must admit I found the Montgomery Township Police standoff with the cardboard cut-out at the PNC Bank in Skillman pretty funny. I would bet even most police officers got a chuckle out of this story.

Why is it o.k. to laugh about what could have been a very dangerous situation - shadowy figure inside closed bank, SWAT team outside at the ready? First of all, no one got hurt. That's very important. But what really makes it all right to have a giggle is that the Montgomery Township Police essentially did nothing wrong. An alarm is tripped, there is a figure in darkened room of a closed bank. Who knows how many others could be out of sight in other parts of the bank? The correct steps were taken - it turned out to be just "one of those things". It really could happen to anyone, and those kinds of incidents are always worth a chuckle.

And. of course, we can be thankful Montgomery doesn't have a wax museum. (Just kidding!)

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