24 December 2008

Curb My Enthusiasm

This happens every time. We break out the DVDs and watch a few episodes of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, and I start to have these "Larry David" moments.

Mr. David, the creator of Seinfeld, plays himself in the series - or, more accurately, a heightened version of himself. Larry has a unique take on everyday life, which basically boils down to his questioning of most of the social conventions that we take for granted.

In one episode, his acupuncturist sends him, for no apparent reason, a large flower arrangement. Larry can't get over it, and spends the rest of the show asking people why this professional man would send him flowers.

About two weeks ago, we went out with the kids and stopped into a restaurant in Lambertville. We had a pleasant lunch, and I thought nothing else about it. Until this week when I received a postcard from the waiter who served us that day! "It was a pleasure serving you, please visit again" - that type of thing. Handwritten by the waiter.

Anyone else ever hear of something like this?


  1. I'm an artist and don't often get to meet the people who buy my paintings, but I do send them a thank you note. This Christmas, one of these buyers who I never met, sent me a Christmas card along with a beautiful note saying how much they enjoy the painting, and thanking me for painting it. That's one note that I will treasure forever!!!

  2. A study showed that waiters who leave a handwritten note on the bill (e.g. "thank you!") receive a higher tip than those who don't, so maybe he was just being proactive hoping you would come back!