24 April 2009

"I Swallowed My Crown"

I discovered this month that Google returns 951 hits when searching the phrase "I swallowed my crown".

Now that I have had that not-so-singular experience, I figured I should make it 952.

O.K. Google - start crawling.

P.S. It's nothing to worry about - it will pass. Your dentist may want you to retrieve it - to use it as a reference to make a new tooth - which will save time. It's really up to you. If you find it, I would advise boiling it - you KNOW where it's been!

1 comment:

  1. Hello from number 953. I have swallowed my crown two days ago. I was having a difficult week any way, as one of my cards was taken by the faulty cash point, the other one lost in the postal strike, my son had a cold, my partner had an argument with his family members, who are unortadox at the best of times and the sofa collapsed. Now I have swallowed my crown also. Hope you had a better week. By the way, did you crown come out and how soon?
    All the best
    Juliette Selty, fellow blogger from