01 October 2009

Gillette On Hillsborough 2.0

"Thirty days hath September, All the rest I can't remember..."

That comic alternative to the useful monthly mnemonic seems oddly apropos for a blog where every month has the same number of posts except September - which once again this year had zero.

Not writing the blog for a full month has given me some time to consider whether I still want to continue. I can't deny that I have lately lost some enthusiasm. For one thing, I am extremely disappointed that a change in the way the Courier News handles the layout of their Editorial Page has meant that the local blog excerpts have been banished. Gillette on Hillsborough appeared in that space 175 times over a two year period - and the opportunity to be on the Editorial page was a major selling point when I first got roped into this.

Also, the lack of reader comments in recent months has been discouraging. Not only on this blog, but also at The View From Hillsborough - the sister blog at MyCentralJersey.com. In fact, The View From Hillsborough has not received one single comment since the newspaper switched to the new blog format several months ago!

Still, the pages here have been visited 20,000 times since June 7, 2007, and I still enjoy seeing what everyone is searching for, and which pages are the most popular. From the beginning, part of the allure of doing the blog has been wanting to find out who would read this stuff. And the other part would be to see how I would feel about myself and the town for having tried this.

Twenty-eight months ago I wrote, "I need to do this because I am excited about Hillsborough - its people, its past,what it is, and what it can be." That is still true.

And so -this will be the blog 2.0.

To be continued...


  1. I'm still a reader, I just don't comment unless I have something worth saying. So I'm just letting you know that this one reader is still interested in your blog.

  2. hi greg...while i dont agree with your politics, i enjoy and have been reading your blog for some time. i found it when i was considering moving to hillsborough and have now been living here for almost a year. i hope youll carry on and ill continue to read as long as you do.