24 October 2009

Peace in the Valley (Road)

Here's some great news for residents who live in the vicinity of Roycefield and Valley Roads. The New Jersey State DOT has issued an amended quiet zone order, effectively changing the timetable on the establishment of a railroad quiet zone at the Norfolk Southern Valley Road grade crossing.

The previous agreement with Norfolk Southern to install a wayside horn at the crossing was being held up because Norfolk Southern was still conducting a nationwide test of that type of system. What the Dot amended order essentially does is make Hillsborough one of the test sites.

A wayside horn, which sounds when a train is approaching a grade crossing, is designed to direct its sound at automobiles in the road, and is much quieter overall than a continuously sounding train horn.

Installation of the wayside horn at Valley Road will allow the grade crossing at Roycefield Road, which has already been upgraded to quiet zone standards, to become an official quiet zone like the crossings at Auten Road and Beekman Lane. Previously, federal regulation had prohibited Roycefield from becoming a quiet zone because of its proximity to Valley Road.

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