26 October 2009

GSA Depot Survey

What kinds of recreational, athletic. or other facilities would you like to see at the former Belle Mead GSA Depot? Residents who participated in a design charette at the municipal building on October 21 considered the possibilities. Ball fields, nature trails, indoor recreation facilities, and a performing arts center ranked high among the possibilities.

The rest of the general public can also be heard by participating in an online survey on the Hillsborough Township web site. If you are interested in something like a performing arts center or community center, be sure to write that in as they are not listed in the multiple choice portion of the survey.

Besides the recreational aspects of the site, I would like to see some memorial to the depot's fifty year history. How about something to honor civilian Army employees - an often overlooked yet essential component, and the backbone of the depot through three wars. Also, how about a memorial to writer and civil rights activist James Baldwin, who experienced a pivotal moment in his life as a black man in America while working at the depot, and who wrote about the incident in one of his books.

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