03 October 2009

Clunkers Gone, Kill Inspections

So who received the biggest round of applause at the Somerset County Business Partnership Affordability Forum on Friday? It wasn't Independent candidate for governor Christopher Daggett, or even Republican Chris Christie. It wasn't panelist Steve Kalafer, or moderator Eric Scott for NJ 101.5.

The person who got the biggest hand was Flemington resident Phil Greiner, who stood up from the audience and proposed three solutions for making New Jersey more affordable: cut state jobs, dismantle COAH, and eliminate motor vehicle inspections.

The first two suggestions are familiar. The third is new to me - but I like it! Mr. Greiner put forth the idea that the well made modern automobile need not be inspected every two years - or four - or perhaps ever. I would add that, with thousands of "clunkers" now off the road, it is a colossal waste of time, effort, and money, inspecting thousands of autos in order to find the few with problems. Leave the inspections for transfers of Title only, and let those be handled by the independent garage mechanics.

Thanks Phil for coming up with a real solution.

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