13 January 2011

Jersey Couture

One of the best things about growing up in Freehold was, and I'm sure still is, being so close to the beach.  I guess I didn't really appreciate the proximity until I moved to Hillsborough, and was faced with that hour-plus drive to the shore.

Now, after watching several episodes of Oxygen's reality show "Jersey Couture", I am beginning to think Freehold isn't so close to the shore after all.

"Jersey Couture" is about an upscale women's formal wear/dress shop, Diane & Co., in Freehold.  Freehold Township, really - although thanks to clever use of b-roll in the editing room, you get the idea that the store is in downtown Freehold Boro, instead of on New Jersey's famous Highway 9.

Regardless, in the world of reality TV, "Jersey Couture" is as far from "The Jersey Shore" as "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" are from "Ice Road Truckers".

The show centers around Diane Scali - who has been in retail fashion for 30 years - and her two daughters, Kimberly and Christina, who run the business with her.  Throw in Dad, Sal, and little brother, Anthony, and you get the idea. 
Yes, like all reality shows, there are some stereotypes - Kimberly is the business-minded new mom who wants to have it all, and Christina is the free-spirited single girl who just moved out on her own.  And there is some created drama - will Christina stay with the family business, or will she break away, follow her true passion, food?

But where "The Jersey Shore" is vulgar, "Jersey Couture" is sweet.  Where "The Jersey Shore" is obnoxious, "Jersey Couture" is charming.  This must be the only New Jersey based reality show with no fistfights, no four-letter-words, and no arrests!

The whole family cares about each other, looks out for each other, and has the back of every young lady that walks into their shop.  Yes, this is a NICE reality show.

Maybe that's why there is still no word on whether they have been picked up for a second season!

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  1. I really love this show. The whole family seems really nice. I am crossing my fingers for a second season.