14 February 2011

Crash, Boom, Bang

New Jersey's Safe Corridors highway safety program is now seven years old.  Misnamed from the start - the designation was applied to a dozen of the state's most unsafe roads - Safe Corridor signage was supposed to alert drivers and reduce accidents on some of New Jersey's deadliest highways.

Has the program been successful?  In an era of text-happy teens and otherwise inattentive drivers, most of the state has seen a reduction in collisions along these routes.  That's great for most of the state, but right here in Hillsborough, our Route 206 Safe Corridor saw an 11% increase in accidents from 2004 to 2009 - the most recent year in which statistics are available.

Looking for answers?  A DOT spokesman blames the 206 troubles on increased traffic volume, and says there's nothing the state can do about it.

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