17 February 2011

New Supermarket for Hillsborough

With the newspapers reporting that the Hillsborough Pathmark is on the list of stores that will be closed as the A&P corporation struggles to recover from bankruptcy, it may be a good time to reflect on the opening of our town's first modern supermarket.

Co-owners John Plesa and Charles Mazur join Hillsborough Committeemen John Guerrera and Elliott Smith, Ray Eghertt, Jr. and Tom Marshall of R.L. Eghertt Refrigeration, and Mrs. Charles Mazur at the grand opening of the Foodtown supermarket on May 21, 1969.
On May 21, 1969, Charles Mazur and John Plesa opened their third area Foodtown in the Route 206 "Hillsboro Plaza". The modern building, most recently occupied by Cost-Cutters, went up in just a couple of months that spring, and featured all of the latest refrigeration equipment and display shelves - along with seven (!) checkout lanes.

Other tenants at the Hillsboro Plaza included Buxton's, Roma Beauty Salon, and Town & Country Barber Shop.
The proprietors touted the plaza's "substantial free parking", and ease of loading up one's car.

But the best thing about the new Foodtown? Has to be those 1969 prices!

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  1. Seemed to have been a number of supermarkets out there in the world with "Food Town" or "Foodtown" as a namesake. One in my town had one for years.