22 March 2015

Duke's Brook, Then and Now

I've been having some fun at Duke Farms trying to photograph scenes as they appeared in century-old postcards.  Yes, photographer friends, I know it IS possible to get these "just right".  It takes a lot of time to find the right angle and focal length - more time than I can spend on an offshoot of a sideline of a hobby!  Still, it's fun to try - kind of like speed golf, maybe?

Duke's Brook Postcard - 1915

Duke's Brook is the only natural watercourse at Duke Farms. In his transformation of the property around the turn of the last century, tobacco tycoon James B. Duke dammed the stream in several places to create lakes. One of these dams can be seen at the Roycefield Road bridge and this one is right at the entrance to the historic core of the property.

Duke's Brook - 2015

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