15 February 2008

Forget the Bypass

I'm done with valentines - now it's time to get serious!

After today, I don't care if they ever build the Route 206 bypass. Just fix the highway between Triangle Road and Brown Avenue - including that railroad bridge!

I am now confident that widening just that stretch of 206 would solve 75% of our problems.

Traffic congestion occurs when there are too many cars on the road. Let's get the cars to where they are going - FASTER. Widening the road doesn't just create twice as much space to park cars - it actually gets cars OFF the road by allowing drivers to get to their exits more quickly.

I'd be willing to have the bypass project be killed permanently if the state would promise to fix that northern stretch of our beloved highway this year.

Who's with me?


  1. Did you know that was the orginal phase 2 of the bypass which no one seems to notice anymore? Phase 1 was done for the Duke FOundation to have the concerts which didn't pan out because of their own infrastructure problems.

    Phase 2 was to go from brown to Old Somerville which has gone off the radar.

    Phase 3 which appears to be phase 2 now based on the townships GSA and transit village plans (read money and profits over fixes).

    It's obvious where the township priorties are, it isn't for the taxpayers of Hillsborough. It's for special interests.

  2. Indeed that section was part of the original plan, but was not even mentioned in the latest state presentation. I am sure part of the problem is the railroad bridge. Fixing that is a major undertaking - and the project is completely useless without that fix.

    Then again, the whole 206 bypass is probably useless without the Brown Ave. to Old Somerville Road section!