02 February 2008

Groundhog Day

I just realized what Hillsborough is missing. We need our own groundhog.

What better ceremony can there be for a "ceremonial" mayor than to preside over Groundhog Day?

Hillsborough is full of groundhogs - finding one won't be a problem. The problem will be naming the critter. Punxsutawney has Phil, Staten Island has Chuck(?), what should Hillsborough's groundhog be called? If we are going to present this idea at a Township Committee meeting, we should have a catchy name picked out beforehand.

I know my creative readers will come up with some euphonious appelattions - let's hear them right here in the comments.


  1. The first thought that came to mind was Hillsborough Hedgehog, but there was some discussion about whether a groundhog is a hedgehog.

    We tried Hillsborough Hal, but that was too close to Hillsborough Hank...and we already have a Hank around.

    After due thought, it occured to us that in order to differentiate our brand from all the others, our spokesgroundhog should be female.

    With that in mind we tried Hillsborough Hillary...but Hillsborough being a one-party town (and it's not Hillary's party) we decided that wouldn't fly.

    So we brainstormed a few others and we offer for your consideration Hillsborough Hilda.

    BTW, we believe our neighbors have a groundhog living in their yard that they would be glad to donate to your cause as long as you take it to live elsewhere.

  2. The person who writes the headlines for the Courier editorial page apparently agrees with you about "Hillary"!

    I never know what they are going to pick up fom the blog to include in the newspaper, or how they are going to excerpt it, but overall I have been pleased. I think there was only one time when the combination of THEIR headline plus THEIR excerpt completely changed the meaning of my post!

  3. Hmmmmmmmnnnnnn - has to have a "Hillsborough" in it? How about plain ol' "Boro?"

    "Boro-babe-burrow," not to be confused with just plain "burro" as in donkey as in Democratic *gasp!*

    Or "Burrow Burnout"

    Oh - got it!! "Bypass the Burrow!!!" *heh heh*

    "Beware of the Burrowing Boro"

    "Barney Boro Burrowmaker"

    Brainstorming here ....

    "Boro-built Bud"

    "Best Burrower" (BestBuys)

    "Budge that Boro"

    "Bringing Up Burrow"

    "Bread'n Boro"


    There's no stopping me now ....

    "On the Brink of Boro-Sanity~"

    "I-Brake for Burrows"

    Or the more simple,



    "Bo-Ro-Rat" (Borat)


    "Bowling for Burrows"

    "Born-Again Boro-Builder"

    "Bitten by Burrow Fever"

    "Barefoot in the Boro"

    "Bored in the Boro"

    "The Boro Beckons"

    "The Boro Beacon"

    "Hillsborough Beacon"

    That's it!!! "The Hillsborough Beacon!!!!"

    Boy, what a process! But getting that gem of creativity was worth it, wasn't it? :-)

  4. Ya gotcha no cents O'humor there, Curtie!


  5. Oh - I though 08844 was calling me a Miscreant. My apologies - I misunderstood.