23 February 2008

The Fun Fair Frivolous Five

I spent a couple of hours today at the Woodfern School Fun Fair - a nice family-oriented fundraising event put on by the Woodfern Home and School Association.

Friday's snowy weather didn't keep anyone away as the gym, cafeteria, and parking lot were filled with people when we arrived at 11:30. It was nice to see so many teachers helping out as volunteers as well as parents and teenage brothers and sisters.

My kids love these things - the simple games where everyone is a winner, the arts and crafts, the pizza and cotton candy, and especially the prizes!

The prize room was full of all sorts of mini made in China wonders - the plastic dinosaurs were my son's particular favorite. Each of my kids got a nice armload of stuff for their thirty prize tickets (15 each, no crying!).

Seeing all of the prizes got me thinking about the school fun fairs I went to when I was a kid. We never had any prizes like those. In fact, the prizes I remember most vividly were the castaways from people's record collections. If you sunk the basket, or knocked down the threee milk bottles you got to rummage through a water-stained box of LPs looking for gems such as this:

or this:

and maybe if you got there early, you might find this treasure:

Thank goodness we no longer traumatize our children in this way!

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