18 February 2008

Early Thaw? No Problem

Happy Presidents' Day! The NEW unofficial start of summer.

Well, maybe it's not the OFFICIAL unofficial start of the summer - that honor still belongs to Memorial Day - but it sure didn't feel like winter! Hey, if Al Gore is right, we might be looking at a six month beach season in the not so distant future. And the best part - the beach will be somewhere around Easton Avenue!

No, the real bad news isn't global warming - we'll adapt to that pretty quickly. The problem will be staying in shape for that extra-long summer. Forgot about waiting for New Years' resolutions to start working out - we'll have to get back in the gym around Halloween.

What's that? You've been putting off getting back into shape? It just so happens that Hillsborough is hosting a Health & Fitness Seminar on Wednesday February 20 at the Municipal Building. The event, which features Dr. Jeff Levine, (pictured), from "The Biggest Loser", as well as personal trainers Margo Mayer and John Balle, begins at 6:30 p.m. and is free to the public.

Summer might be coming a litle earlier this year, but you've still got time to look great on the beach. Find out how to get started from the real experts this Wednesday.

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