13 February 2008

Weirder, Wilder, Wickeder

If you surfed over to On Hillsborough today looking for your weekly installment of Weird, Wild and Wicked Wednesday and didn't find it, don't be alarmed. There's more on the way!

After having done the first twelve stories, I thought I would take a break for a while before presenting the final dozen. But after looking at my files, it turns out that there are at least TWO dozen more! So this will only be a one week break, and then it's back to WWaWW.

Here are some of the stories still to come.

  • The Murder of Twelve Year Old Jasper P. Baird [1867]
  • The Ryan Family's Sad Mortality [1873]
  • The Life, Love and Lunacy of Joshua Gates [1877]
  • Sourland Barbarians [1880]
  • The Bad Samaritans of Somerville [1880]
  • War Games Across the River [1896]
  • Railroad Robbery...and Murder [1898]
  • Killer Wind at Mine Rock [1899]
  • Shooting the Dam [1900]
  • Logtown Lightning [1900]
  • Mischievous Twins at the County Jail [1906]
  • Hypnotized to Death [1909]
  • Candyman Licks Highwayman [1911]
  • Somerville Ghost Keeps Town Awake [1915]

I should eventually get to Raritan's phantom army base, the slasher on the mountain, the Koinonia Commune, the jet crash on the mountain, and the murder of a Bell Telephone executive on Woodfern Road - as well as many train wrecks and crashes, and the famous "frog war"!

Keep reading!

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