04 November 2008

Independent Vote

Recent letters to the editor published in the Courier News and other newspapers suggest that we should forego voting for the best person to serve on the Hillsborough Township Committee and instead cast a vote based solely on party affiliation. Nothing could be more contrary to the independent minded Hillsborough voter.

When we go to the polls today, we need to choose the two best candidates - the candidates who are the best qualified and have the best vision for Hillsborough's future.

I understand that voters sometimes like to create a balance - by electing a republican president and a democratic congress, for example. And with our national officials - who we don't know and never see - this may be worthwhile. But when we are able to have direct participation in our government - which we are able to do in Hillsborough - with elected officials who are our friends and neighbors, it is much more important to get the best person than it is to sacrifice our vote to achieve a phony balance.

For the past several years Hillsborough has excelled in the areas of financial responsibility and quality of life. If you like the path we have been on, and have noted the accomplishments and continuing work on issues like railroad quiet zones, preservation of the GSA Depot, extended service hours at the municipal building, and tax increases below the rate of inflation, you need to vote for the two candidates who are committed to keeping us on that path.

Don't give up your vote in a misguided attempt to create what the township committee form of government has already given us - a transparent, open government actively seeking participation by the public on every issue.

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