23 November 2008

Stop! Look!

Listen! Did you hear anything? It's been almost a week since Norfolk Southern engineers stopped blowing their horns at the Beekman Lane and Auten Road railroad crossings - and I must say, I don't miss the blasts a bit.

Hillsborough is now one of the first communities in New Jersey to successfully implement railroad quiet zones - grade crossing improvements that allow trains to pass without sounding their horns. Once again, Hillsborough is a role model for other towns, with Branchburg now investigating establishing a quiet zone at the Woodfern Road crossing - a project that would also benefit the ears of Hillsborough residents.

In this instant-mashed-potato-world, where everything is magic, results are demanded immediately, and not seeing is not believing, it is comforting to know that at least one New Jersey town has the patience to poo-poo the naysayers and see a project through to completion.

Congratulations Hillsborough Township - where all residents live on the "right" side of the tracks!


  1. Everything okay?...Or is just a test to see if we notice that you haven't posted this week?

    Or are you copying my normally sporadic style?

  2. Hughes - I'm back! And I filled in every day of the week, just for you!