11 November 2008

McCain Wins!

Now that absentee ballots have been counted, John McCain holds a slim one vote lead over Barack Obama among Hillsborough voters - 8918 to 8917. In a year that saw America divided more drastically than in any recent election - black/white, male/female, rich/poor - no Somerset County town was more evenly divided in its choice for president than our own.

So how did the other Democratic candidates fare in Hillsborough? Not nearly as well as Obama. The Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, Congress, and County Freeholder each won by 1500 to 2000 votes - and the Republicans running for Hillsborough Township Committee beat their Democratic challengers by nearly 7000 combined votes!

This was despite a mailer sent out the week before the election which urged voters to not vote for a Republican candidate at the local level, noting that in the previous year's election, residents moved away from the GOP candidate for Township Committee after voting heavily for the GOP candidate for State Assembly. The flier, sent by an entity known as "Republicans for Honest Government", stated, in part

The voters are waking up - last year at the State level, the Republican candidate won by over 1,600 votes but nearly 800 of those Conservative voters SWITCHED PARTY and voted Democrat here in Hillsborough! Very interesting!

This year the "trend" went completely in the opposite direction, with thousands of Barack Obama's Liberal Hillsborough supporters SWITCHING THEIR ALLEGIANCE and voting for Republicans in all of the local races. Very interesting, indeed!


The township website has a complete breakdown of all the local and state-wide races.


  1. I checked the November 4th and 5th CN op-ed page and don't see your blog quoted.

    Too bad; it would have been cool to be in an historic newspaper.

    I talked to friends who were trying to locate election issues of the CN, the SL, and the NYT.

  2. Thanks Hughes. As I may have stated previously, I never know when the blog will show up in the newspaper, or how it will be edited - it's always a surprise!