09 August 2009

500 Reasons Corzine's Gotta Go

I thought about saving this post for my 600th or 700th blog - there are so many reasons Jon Corzine must be defeated. Unfortunately, those blogging milestones are not likely to be reached until after November. So, here goes.

Number one, he has fallen so short of expectations. His financial acumen was touted, and he has floundered. Maybe he would have done better if the economy didn't go to hell. But when it comes down to it, he didn't get the job done. Now, New Jersey is a 60-win team, and we can't afford to carry a past-his-prime Mariano Rivera - especially when he's been pitching like Armando Benitez.

Number two, he is out of touch with the average resident. This has been a complaint since day one. When everything is going well, people don't mind being led by someone who is a little richer, or moves in a different circle. But when we are struggling, we want someone to feel our pain - and Corzine just doesn't get it.

Number three, none of his economic plans have worked - unemployment is raging, companies are not just downsizing, they're folding up the tent and getting out. It's because New Jersey is no longer a business friendly state, and Corzine is responsible.

Number four, his biggest - perhaps only - accomplishment , in my opinion, was his new funding formula for state aid for education. The new formula offered a more equitable distribution of state aid based on a community's ability to pay, and the needs of their students. The problem is that it's all on paper! Actual funding keeps rolling to districts where it is wasted, mismanaged, and hasn't benefited students, while districts like Hillsborough can only look at the formula and see what we SHOULD be getting, with the knowledge that increases are capped in a way that will NEVER allow us, or many suburban districts, to get anywhere near the funding allowed by the new law. When your only real accomplishment is bogus, what do we need you for?

Number five, we have a better choice. Chris Christie provides a real alternative - differing with the Governor on almost every issue. As George Castanza once surmised, "If every choice I've ever made has been wrong, then the opposite must be right!" And as Mr. Christie has somewhat facetiously pointed out , "I can't do any worse!"

Well, multiply by 100, and you get the idea. Feel free to list a few more reasons in the comment section. Rebuttals welcome as well, as always.

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