26 August 2009

Baker Bunn's Dirty Dough

I've had this New York Times story from April 6, 1885 for a while, trying to find out what became of Mr. Bunn. In December of that year, his father was taken to court by the banks involved in an effort to recover some of the cash. His wife and three children closed up the bakery and moved in with her widowed mother. What happened to Van Kirk may never be known.


NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., April 5. - Van Kirk Bunn, of Millstone, N.J., left his home last Sunday night, telling his family that he was going to New York to buy flour. He has not since been heard from, and an investigation made during the past week proves that he had forged notes to the amount of $9,965, of which sum he had obtained $5,000 over his father's signature. The First National Bank of Somerville, and a bank of New Brunswick hold some of the notes to the amount of $1,200 each, and his neighbors have the balance. Bunn was the town baker of Millstone, which is a small manufacturing town near here.

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