30 August 2009


As you may know, Patty and I are co-chairs of "Central New Jersey Walk Now for Autism", the signature fundraising and awareness event for Autism Speaks. We, along with several dedicated volunteers, also volunteer with our own community-based fundraising team "Hillsborough's Hope".

We are always looking to improve our efforts - and especially make it easier for people to get involved or make a donation. One complaint about the Walk Now for Autism web site is that donations made through the internet have a $20 minimum. In today's economy, $20 may be too much to ask for. We feel that there are many who would like to give $5 or $10, but are put off by having to write a check and mail their contribution.

To solve that problem, I have installed a PayPal "Donate" button on the right side of the blog page. Clicking on the button allows you to make a "no-minimum" donation to Autism Speaks through PayPal. All donations are credited to our Hillsborough's Hope team.

The walk is October 11 at Mercer County College.

Our Hillsborough's Hope fundraising goal is $30,000.

Thanks for your support.

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