21 August 2009

Route 206 Bypass Plan

For those of you looking for a map of the Route 206 bypass plan through Hillsborough, here is the most recent map that I have found. If anyone knows of a more current plan, please let me know.

Click on the image to view and print the map.

Update - July 21, 2010: I created a simpler version of the 206 Bypass Map - click here.


  1. This is a stupid plan that will do nothing but waste tax payer money we don't have or could be using esle where. The DOT is run by lobotomized neandethals. They constanly wast money on stupid plans that destroy the environment and the remaining openspaces in NJ. If they could they would literally pave the entire state. That's all these idiots know about.
    This makes me sick.

  2. Further we will have to endure years of 40ton dump trucks running all over Hillsborough, down river road and up and down Amwell. This is one of the most stupid plans waste of many plans I've seen in recent years. THis has got to be a sweetheart deal that someone is getting a lot of money. People Wake up!!!

  3. This is going to bring many more strip malls to the new bypass and hence Hillsborough. It will also invite further developement along the new corridor creating more congestion. Problem -you have a bottle neck at the end of the bypass, specifically on the Valley road side. This will create more congestion in Hillsborough.